Gentag and Altivera own 66 issued patents worldwide.

Gentag patented the NFC cell phone sensor platform technology in 2003 and 2004, over two years before the release of the first NFC cell phone in 2006 (Nokia 6131).
The company’s patents are available to selected companies to license, and Gentag is open to joint ventures. The IP is divided into three global markets: (1) IoT sensors (2) wearables and (3) advanced diagnostics and pharmaceutical markets. NFC and Bluetooth patented areas include:

IoT / Cell Phone NFC Sensor Networks

  • Food safety
  • Consumer goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Blockchain

Skin Patches / Wearables

  • Diabetes patches
  • Drug delivery patches
  • Skin infection monitoring patches
  • Fever monitoring (licensed for hospitals)
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Biomarkers
  • Orthopedics (licensed)
  • Asthma prevention
  • Drug compliance

Advanced Diagnostics and Point Of Care Tests for Cell Phones

  • Wireless lab-on-a-chip (proteins, DNA and RNA)
  • Wireless lateral flow immunoassays
  • Advanced array technologies


Gentag has an extensive portfolio of patented NFC technologies.


Patent No. Title Issued Patents
US7109859B2 Method and apparatus for wide area surveillance of a terrorist or personal threat  US7518504B2
US7148803B2  Radio frequency identification-based sensor networks  US7492254B2 China, Japan
US7969307B2 Diagnostic radio frequency identification sensors and applications thereof US8077042B2, US9041538B2, US9470699B2, US 10271738, EP1709750B1 (28 countries), EP2611042 (11 patents), EP2843848B1 (11 patents)
US7461972B2 One point calibration integrated temperature sensor for wireless radio frequency applications
Selected US patents covering wireless diagnostic skin patches, artificial pancreas, wireless rapid tests, and molecular tests for cell phones:

US Patent 7969307

US Patent 8077042

US Patent 9041538

US Patent 9470699