What does Gentag do?

Gentag licenses and customizes sensor technologies for the healthcare and consumer industries. The company’s first patent describing personal wearable wireless sensors was filed in 1997. Since then, we have developed a unique, groundbreaking suite of wireless sensor technologies for virtually any consumer or healthcare application. Gentag makes custom wearable sensors, skin patches, and innovative disposable diagnostic devices for the healthcare, consumer, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Do the diagnostic skin patches require a special reader?

No. Gentag’s disposable wireless sensors can be read by any smartphone, anywhere.

What frequencies does Gentag use?

Gentag currently uses three stand-alone wireless sensor platforms operating from 13.56 MHz to 2.4 GHz, allowing read ranges from inches to several miles, depending on the location or market application.

Can the Gentag technologies be used in hospitals?

Yes. Gentag combines 13.56 MHz sensor mobile readers with Wi-Fi to communicate the data directly to any hospital server. The 13.56 MHz frequency is accredited for medical uses worldwide.