Wireless Biomarker Patches

In 2004, Gentag broadly patented the use of NFC or Bluetooth sensors combined with disposable skin patches and biomarkers. Biomarkers are present in any fluid in the body, including sweat, urine, and blood; they can identify a host of health, medical, and even pre-medical conditions.

This patented technology is covered under issued patents in North America, Asia and Europe.

Wireless Lab-on-a-Chip

NFC or Bluetooth can be combined with lab-on-a-chip microfluidics technology to create a powerful new molecular sensor platform for advanced on-the-spot diagnostics with cell phones. The technology can be used for protein detection, DNA or RNA analyses, or drug delivery.

This technology platform is covered by 12 issued U.S. and international patents.

Wireless Rapid Tests

Rapid tests or lateral flow immunoassays are disposable antibody-based diagnostic tests to detect specific proteins from biomarkers, allergens or infectious diseases such as Covid-19. Gentag has patented the next generation technology to make these convenient low cost and accurate tests directly compatible with mobile devices for on-the-spot testing and interpretation anywhere. Gentag’s proprietary patented technology will enable the use of printable, battery-less quantitative wireless rapid tests that can be read directly with any smartphone.

Sensor Arrays for Phones

Gentag owns a number of groundbreaking patents covering the uses of person-specific chemicals sensors with cell phones for threat and allergen detection. Using the patented Gentag “e-nose” technology, a mobile device can be trained to recognize the environmental factors that trigger asthma or an allergic reaction in a given individual, allowing the creation of truly personalized genomic sensors.

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