Gentag’s pathbreaking IP now covers NFC sensors for food and beverage safety, packaging, and counterfeit prevention

WASHINGTON, DC. April 30, 2019.

Gentag’s pathbreaking IP now covers NFC sensors for food and beverage safety, packaging, and counterfeit prevention

Gentag, Inc. ( is pleased to announce the issuance of its latest patent, US patent 10,271,738. This broadly applicable new patent covers wireless NFC sensors for the detection and monitoring of bacteria, odors, temperature, specific chemistries or moisture levels in food packaging. The patent also covers NFC sensors for consumable liquids, including spirits.

NFC sensors do not need batteries to operate, making the platform ideal for producing ultra-thin sensors for packaging. These sensors can provide precise and actionable data on an unprecedented scale, as well as allow for direct engagement with customers.

As each sensor has a unique ID, the technology can be used not only for specific sensing applications but also for product authentication and tracking, such as accessing certifications and shipment history. NFC sensors can be securely read using any smartphone, including the iPhone.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that roughly one-third of all the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted each year. This corresponds to $1.2 trillion in annual losses.[i] According to the Business Research Company, the size of the food and beverages market is predicted to reach $5 trillion by 2022.[ii] Reducing food waste, detecting spoilage and bacterial contaminants, and improving efficiency are therefore of urgent concern, and new solutions are critically needed.

Gentag’s widely applicable NFC food sensor technology could be applied to everything from improving consumer health to helping contain large-scale outbreaks of food-borne illnesses and reducing waste.


Gentag is a visionary IP and technology development company that combines its advanced knowledge in biology, chemistry and microelectronics to convert consumer safety and health concerns into everyday disposable sensors that will revolutionize diagnostics, proactive medicine, nutrition and the everyday lives of consumers worldwide.

Gentag, Inc. and its patent holding company, Altivera, LLC, hold over 100 issued patents covering cell phone-based consumer safety sensors, IoT sensors and sensors for instant diagnostic tests. These combined technologies allow for a range of groundbreaking consumer applications, from simple IoT sensor readings such as temperature or packaging tamper resistance, to sophisticated consumer health applications including biomarker analyses.

In addition to its NFC sensor portfolio, Gentag is also developing an optical blockchain sensor platform for new types of consumer market sensing applications. Optical blockchain sensors have broad market applications, including for food safety, bacterial detection, consumer health and mobile payments. They can be mass produced rapidly and at a very low cost.


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