NFC Cell Phone
Sensor Networks

GENTAG, Inc. is pioneering the use of disposable wireless diagnostic sensors combined with NFC cell phones, tablets or ultrabooks to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone worldwide.

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Consumer Diagnostics
& mHealth

GENTAG is introducing a new technology, the SensorLinker, that was specifically designed to reduce the cost of wireless monitoring for any sensor or device using GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC.

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Security &
Threat Detection

GENTAG offers a wireless tag that is designed to be injection molded inside pharmaceutical bottles or drugs, empowering the consumer to check the authenticity of the product directly with their cell phones.

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GENTAG, Inc. offers a wide range of geolocating technology capabilities that can be integrated with almost any wireless communication protocol or sensor network application such as geofencing.

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Cell Phone Sensors for Healthcare

GENTAG is at the very center of one of the most important wireless innovations in personal health and diagnostics. Our vision is to combine disposable wireless NFC sensors with consumer NFC cell phones to make healthcare, diagnostics and M2M applications accessible and affordable to anyone worldwide.

GENTAG's unique patented technology allows sensors to be read from distances ranging from 1 inch to 15 miles.

NFC cell phones or ultrabooks combined with sensors can be used as preventive devices not only for medicine but also for any consumer, industrial or Homeland Security application. The GENTAG technology allows seamless use of sensors with cell phones for virtually any application - anywhere.

Key Markets

  • Wearable NFC Sensors
  • NFC Cell Phones Sensor Applications
  • mHealth
  • M2M
  • Geolocation and Geofencing